Fall Connections 2019


Join us for our annual Fall Connections! These Fall Connections are great opportunities for the women of our C&MA district to fellowship, pray, and listen to what God is doing within the Alliance. 

MORNING SESSION: During the morning we have breakfast, mingle for a bit, and listen to an international speaker. Our speakers are always exciting to listen to, so please come and enjoy! Make sure to bring your bibles.

AFTERNOON SESSION: We have an outreach project during the afternoon. Last year we made Christmas shoe boxes for the children at Envision Atlanta-stay tuned for this year’s project! 

MERCY MARKET & YOUR TALENT: There is an opportunity, at each connection, to purchase work from others, such as books, artwork, etc. as well as Mercy Market items. Up to three women (per venue) may display and sell her items. Please know that contacting the Director (Janice Kropp) is necessary and that 10% of sales go towards the Mercy Fund. Mercy Market (CAMA related) is a Christian ministry that buys handmade crafts and is run by Dr. John Stumbo's (president of the C&MA) sister, Denise Hammer. The crafts are made by, mostly, women in impoverished countries as they try to make money to feed their families, which keeps them off the streets. 100% of sales go to Mercy Market.

REGISTRATION: To register for Fall Connections you MUST fill out a registration form AND send a payment to the appropriate church. This year we are offering the option of registering your church through online submission (*the form is for church use, not individual, so please register through your women’s ministry director). Please note that the form (link below) is ONLY to provide us with your RSVP’s, not to pay. If you would prefer a hard copy, please contact us.

To register your church online please click directly below:

Breakfast and lunch included. 

Cost: $10 per person


  • Angier, NC - August 24th

    • Host church: New Hope Alliance

    • Addresss: 2642 Old Fairground Rd., Angier, NC 27501

    • Contact: Mary Morgan, mmorgan139@embarqmail.com

    • Registration deadline: August 12th

  • Charlotte, NC - September 7th

    • Host church: Crosspointe Alliance

    • Address: 3242 Ridge Rd., Charlotte, NC 28269

    • Contact: Tabita Colon, great.commission.women@crosspointeclt.org

    • Registration deadline: August 26th

  • Atlanta, GA - September 14th

    • Host church: First Alliance Church (Druid Hills)

    • Addresss: 2512 N Druid Hills Rd., Atlanta, GA 30329

    • Contact: Jennifer Bliss-Crisswell

    • Registration deadline: September 2nd

  • Bishopville, SC - September 22nd

    • Host church: Memorial Chapel

    • Address: 2509 Green Lane, Bishopville, SC 29010

    • Contact: Lori Smith, (803) 428-7188

    • Registration deadline: September 9th

For more information on registering, please message us or contact your local director/women’s ministry leader. When registering please do so as a church group and not individually.